2 Wall Bracket Shelf Embellishments Unique Miniatures Dollhouse Miniature 1:12 Scale


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Two embellished shelves, these dollhouse miniatures are 1:12 scale. Plaster-look brackets that can also be used as a display shelf, these add an elegant decorative touch to your dollhouse. Each measures 1 1/4 inches wide by 15/16 inches high x 3/8 inches deep. These are from Unique Miniatures, makers of quality architectural castings. They are new old stock sealed in the original package, the label has come off.

Unique Miniatures polyester and resin products permit a degree of adaptability and flexibility not found in other materials. Consequently these miniatures, with properties similar to hardwood, can be sawed, sanded, filled and drilled. In addition, they are pliable when warmed in an ordinary oven to 80 degrees. However, do not attempt to bend them if they have not been heated and the ambient temperature is cooler than 70 degrees Fahrenheit. They can be painted with both oil and acrylic based paints. Staining is possible, but experiment first with various techniques and materials. Since the polyester product has a strong whitener added to the resin, it is a good idea to cover the piece first with an undercoat of darker color. This allows the stain to “grab onto” something and a lighter application will not “bleed through”. Any quality adhesive (such as epoxy glue) can be used to adhere them to their location. If any pieces should chip from sawing or mitering, the defects can be filled using any commercial vinyl spackling compound.

All of my dollhouse miniatures come from the estate of a collector who died in 2006 at age 93. She was the child of a Naval officer who lived much of her life overseas, she never married and was a huge collector of dolls and dollhouses.

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