Fashions and Accessories Sultana Beauty Glo Sweaters Shoes S20 Crochet Knitting Patterns 1951


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“Fashion and Accessories ~ Knitted and Crocheted with Sultana Beauty-Glo” this is an instruction and pattern book for crochet and knit sweaters, shoes and bags. Published by Sultana Products, Inc., the booklet measures 7½ x 10¾ inches with 15 pages. It is in fair to good condition with some wear / creasing to the covers.


Filled with patterns for knitting or crocheting elegant sweaters, shoes, bags and a shawl, the pattern book gives you 10 designs. Patterns include: Sparkle, Jewel, Stole, Twinkle, Gleam, Glint, Sunbeam, Play Shoes, Slippers, and Bags.

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