How to Become a Domestic Goddess Baking Comfort Cooking Cookbook by Nigella Lawson


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“How to Become a Domestic Goddess”  subtitled “Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking” cookbook by Nigella Lawson. Published by Hyperion in 2001, the cookbook is a hard cover with a dust jacket measuring 7¾ x 10 inches with 374 pages; the price of $35.00 is printed on the interior flap of the dust jacket. The book is in very excellent gently used condition.


The trouble with much modern cooking is that the mood it induces in the cook is one of skin-of-the-teeth efficiency, all briskness and little pleasure. Sometimes that’s the best we can manage, but at other times we don’t want to feel stressed and overstretched, but rather like a domestic goddess, trailing nutmeggy fumes of baking pie in our languorous wake…. –from How to Be a Domestic Goddess How to Be a Domestic Goddess is not about being a goddess, but about feeling like one. What this deliciously mouthwatering cookbook demonstrates is that it’s not actually hard to bake a pan of muffins or a sponge layer cake, but the appreciation and satisfaction they bring are disproportionately high. Filled with over 220 gorgeously illustrated recipes, this book understands our anxieties, feeds our fantasies, and puts cakes, pies, pastries, preserves, puddings, breads, and cookies back in our own kitchens. The domestic goddess has to maintain her (or his) cool when faced with pastry, of course — but with Nigella Lawson’s guidance, even puff pastry can be pain-free.

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