Magical Desserts with Whip ‘N Chill General Foods 1967 Recipes Cookbook


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“Magical Desserts with Whip ‘n Chill Deluxe Dessert Mix” cook book booklet. Published by General Foods, White Plains, New York, in 1967, the booklet is a soft cover measuring 6¼ x 9½ inches with 44 pages. It is in very good condition, the pages are all clean and unmarked.


Using this mix makes you a bit of a magician in the kitchen. You can transform it into a different form each night. Chill it in a pie shell. Layer it in parfait glasses. Whip it into a light souffle. Combine it with fruits in season. Vary it with nuts, a sprinkle of chocolate chips. Or freeze it into pops for the children. The pages are filled with the magic that Whip ‘n Chill Dessert Mix will bring to your family dinner tonight!

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