Ruffled Doilies 1948 Star Book # 59 Crochet Patterns American Thread Company


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“Ruffled Doilies ~ Star Book of Doilies Book 59” this is an instruction and pattern book for crochet doilies. Published in 1948 by American Thread Company, New York, New York, the booklet measures 7½ x 10½ inches with 15 pages. It is in good condition with slight wear – mainly some tears to the cover


A throwback to grandma’s house, ruffled doilies and a vintage touch to any room. The pattern book gives you 11 crochet patterns for doilies, the patterns included are: Double Ruffle, Victorian Ruffle, Filet Ruffle, Square Ruffle, Tailored Ruffle, Star Ruffle, Irish Rose Ruffle, Bread Tray Ruffle, Shaded Ruffle, Pineapple Ruffle, and Pansy Doily.

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