The Complete Barbecue Book BBQ Cookbook by John and Marie Roberson 1954


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“The Complete Barbecue Book” cookbook subtitled “300 Barbecue Recipes and How-To-Do-It Instructions for Barbecue Parties” by John and Marie Roberson. Published by Prentice-Hall, Inc. in 1951, it is a third printing from 1954, so stated. The cookbook is a hard cover with a dust jacket measuring 5½ x 8¼ inches with 292 pages. The cookbook itself is in very good gently used condition, the dust jacket is in horrible condition.


Inventive cooking is definitely a man’s approach to the preparation of food. It is the method that any man with a flair for food and cooking–who is not addicted to the use of ordinary household cookbooks–uses when he proceeds to barbecue. At this moment in his culinary experiences, he steps smack into the realm of true adventure. Now, thanks to John and Marie Roberson whose loving and inspiring efforts have made possible this remarkable guide to outdoor cooking, The Complete Barbecue Book–a man can really use his imagination–create–as he cooks. For here he has a safe and sure guide to his every step. He has everything he needs to know, including a wide range of outstanding barbecue recipes. Even if he is utterly without experience, from these pages he can sally forth as an expert in the art of barbecuing. This book is like an insurance policy guaranteeing everlasting fun and success before the open pit or grill.

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